About Tatum Insurance Agency

Why Insure With Us?

Welcome to Tatum Insurance. We are an independent insurance agency with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Norman, Oklahoma. We specialize in auto, home, life, and business insurance policies for you and your family. Our goal at Tatum is to provide an individualized approach to the insurance buying process because we know each of our clients are different.

We stay away from insurance policies that appear to “work” for everyone because we are aware our customers are unique. When you call or walk into the offices of one of our locations, you can expect excellent customer service, a quick turnaround time, and a dedicated agent that is willing to do almost anything for you.

Our team of agents’ are well trained and are direct and honest about your insurance needs. We want to provide you with necessary coverage for a price that is affordable. With over 60 years of experience, Tatum Insurance is the best place to buy insurance for Arizonians and Oklahomans.

The Tatum Insurance Mission

Our mission at Tatum Insurance is always to put our clients first. We don’t sell any one policy or work for one insurance company. We are partnered with many of the large insurance companies so we can offer our clients a broad range of options, coverage, and pricing. These partnerships empower us to work for you. We can compare the pricing of policies from different providers, select the best deals and discounts for you, and in the end, save you a boat load of money on your insurance policy.

Finding the best rate is easy with Tatum Insurance.Our agents who will provide you with guidance and in-person assistance to help you understand and select a policy that meets your coverage needs and your budget. Starting a new policy with Tatum Insurance is simple. Just start your quote on the top of the page, or fill out our quick quote and we will contact you! You can also call us at our Scottsdale AZ or Norman OK offices or contact us here.