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At Tatum Insurance serving those in Moore, Oklahoma you’ll find our agents stick to a motto of honesty and reliability. Whether obtaining insurance for a new vehicle, starting up a new business, or insuring your brand-new home, we are here to dispel any doubts you may have when purchasing coverage for all your assets and beneficiaries.

During our consultation, we’ll evaluate your individual needs and provide you with the best quotes available from our large network of providers. We understand how crucial obtaining insurance can be when confronted with unexpected setbacks, and that’s why our customer service oriented associates strive to make this as smooth and informative a process as possible.

Home Insurance

Purchasing homeowners insurance should be a hassle-free experience. Working in tandem with our Tatum Insurance agents, you’ll receive our expert guidance to decide just how much protection is right to cover your home, its inhabitants and all your belongings.

Types of home insurance plans:

  • Dwelling Insurance: Pays for repairs to your home in the event of a disaster.
  • Loss of Use: Would reimburse you if you are displaced and must vacate your home temporarily.
  • Other Structures: Covers detached structures from your home while still belonging on your property such as pools, garages, and sheds.
  • Personal Liability: Provides coverage for accidents that may occur on your property that you are legally responsible for.

Life Insurance

Protecting the ones you love after you’ve passed is a monumental responsibility. Allow the good folks at Tatum Insurance to be a helping hand to provide the necessary coverage.

Offered are two types of coverage, temporary and permanent insurance. The short-term plan is:

  • Term Life: A life insurance plan you purchase for a contracted amount of time.

Permanent insurance is divided into two categories:

  • Universal Life: Coverage that extends throughout your life. Premiums are offered at a more affordable rate with increasing death benefits.
  • Whole Life: Beneficiaries can expect this to be the more robust of the two permanent life plans. Premiums are fixed and does not provide the flexibility of universal life insurance.

Auto Insurance

All individual states require a minimum level of liability coverage for your operational vehicle. Oklahoma is no different, and the bare requirements are as follows:

  • $25,000 for property damage.
  • $25,000 for death or injury.
  • $50,000 for injuries or deaths of multiple individuals involved.

Options to provide full range coverage can also be purchased. Examples of this are:

  • Collision: Will pay for damages and replacement of your vehicle in the event of a car crash.
  • Comprehensive: Provides coverage for damages that are incurred from non-collision accidents.
  • Medical Payment: Covers medical costs that may occur during a car crash no matter who is deemed to be at fault.

Motorcycle Insurance

Freedom and independence are what spring to mind when defining the open-air thrills you get from cruising around on your motorcycle. Unfortunately, not all motorists on the road respect two-wheeled vehicles and that can cause hazardous collisions, which on a motorcycle, can up the danger significantly. Let Tatum Insurance cover your prized possession with minimum and full range plans which include:

  • Liability: Covers bodily harm and property damage due to an at-fault accident
  • Comprehensive: Will pay for accident damages occurring from a non-collision incident.
  • Collision: Reimburses you for repairs or replacement of your motorcycle minus your chosen deductible.

Renter’s Insurance

Renting is often the right way to go for many individuals who want to save money and also alleviate the stresses of fully owning their property outright and the baggage that comes along with it. And although the property owner usually has the building insured, it is imperative that you purchase renter’s insurance to cover your assets which are not necessarily covered.

Liability and Property Coverage ensure that damages that occur to your rental whether it be a house, apartment, or condominium are covered. The contents within your home become protected property in the event of theft or fire.

Boat Insurance

Oklahoma sports several different bodies of water such as the Canton Lake, Clayton Lake, and the Arkansas River which is ideal for recreational boating. Make sure to protect your beloved water vehicle in the event of a disastrous mishap such as storm damage, sinking, theft, or a boat-on-boat collision.

Types of boat insurance often come fourfold:

  • Personal Liability: Covers bodily harm or physical damage resulting from an incident with your boat.
  • Property Coverage: Will cover your boat for repairs and replacement minus the deductible.
  • Medical Payments: Pays for medical bills for those injured on, or from a boat accident.
  • Uninsured Boaters: This protects against an accident that occurs with an underinsured boater.

Business Insurance

We at Moore, Tatum Insurance understand the local business landscape and what it takes to prosper in this region. A company is never outside the range of downfalls and calamities so let us accompany your endeavors and supply the appropriate insurance for your needs.

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) casts a wide net of liability and property coverage for your small to medium-sized company. Each BOP can be tailored with the correct sub coverages to accommodate your business.

Additional plans under the BOP spectrum includes Workers Compensation for employee protection and Business Interruption insurance which can replace your revenue for up to 12 months if operations cease due to an unforeseen incident.

Information About Moore, Oklahoma

Founded in 1889, the town’s original name was purported to be Verbeck chosen by the local railroad company. According to legend, a railroad employee named Al Moore had difficulty receiving his mail, so as a remedy to this problem, he painted this last name of Moore on a nailed board on the side of a boxcar. Later a postmaster was appointed who in 1893 permanently adopted the name Moore for the area and it has remained in place ever since.

In 1961, 21.6 square miles was annexed to the small settlement of Moore and this led to it being declared a full-fledged city in 1962. These days it is said to encompass a total of 22.2 square miles of land which lies just south of Oklahoma City.

Like Oklahoma City, Moore is located in Tornado Alley which is frequented by nasty hailstorms and tornados.

A great feature to this metropolitan area is the Moore Veterans Memorial built in commemoration of military veterans and their families. A prominent obelisk monument contained within is etched with the inscription May this hallowed ground honor the sacrifice of America’s finest veterans, civilians, and their families, past, present and future. We Will never forget.