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Be assured that at Tatum Insurance our agents go to great lengths to ensure that your loved ones, assets, and yourself are protected from the unforeseen disasters that may befall you and yours. We serve the Oklahoma City area from our Norman location and work in tandem with several providers in a collaborative effort to find the right insurance fit for your personal needs.

Whenever you need us in the event of an accident, we’re here to provide you with quick resolutions. We understand that unfortunate mishaps occur, and with us, you’ll find a tone of sincere understanding. We’re here to answer all your questions and provide the protection policies you so deservedly require.

Home Insurance

To most people, their home property is their most valuable investment and a requirement when obtaining a mortgage loan is to provide proof of insurance. Tatum Insurance stands by their quality service in providing their professional opinion when choosing the correct policy to protect your greatest asset.

A homeowners insurance policy would include:

  • Dwelling Insurance: Covers the replacement or building cost for the physical repairs of your home.
  • Personal Property: Coverage provided for the contents within your home.
  • Personal Liability: Coverage for when you are legally responsible for bodily injury or property damage to others.
  • Medical Payment: For medical costs in case an individual is hurt on your property.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is not something many of us think about, but we all need in the event of an untimely tragedy. All of us have loved ones that we want to safeguard and protect. Purchasing a plan from Tatum Insurance will go a long way in providing a safety cushion for those you leave behind.

Beneficiaries can expect coverage in one of 3 packages:

  • Term Life insurance: Temporary coverage that protects a benefit for a specified term.
  • Universal Life: Permanent coverage that extends throughout your life. Offered are flexible premiums and increasing death benefits.
  • Whole Life: Permanent coverage that also extends throughout your life. Guaranteed top-tier insurance that offers the best overall benefits upon death.

Auto Insurance

If a home is your biggest financial asset then the automobile(s) you drive are usually your next largest investment. Proper proof of insurance is a requirement to avoiding hefty fines and allows you to drive on the road with an undeterred peace of mind.

Oklahoma only requires drivers to obtain liability insurance. Minimum accident coverage requirements are:

  • $25,000 for death or injury.
  • $50,000 for injuries or deaths of multiple individuals involved.
  • $25,000 for property damage.

In addition to your minimum liability coverage you may also purchase various optional coverages which include:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Medical Payment
  • Uninsured Motorist

Motorcycle Insurance

We at Tatum Insurance understand the unique enjoyment our clients feel when being out on the open road in your motorcycle. Unfortunately, dangers arise from negligent motorists who don’t look out for two-wheeled vehicle enthusiasts. The primary insurance plans you’ll receive for your two-wheeled vehicle are much the same as you would for an automobile. This includes:

  • Comprehensive: Covers your motorcycle if it is stolen or acquires physical damages that are not because of a collision.
  • Collision: Covers physical damage costs to your motorcycle which result from an accident.
  • Liability: Protection for property damage and bodily injury which you may cause during a motorcycle crash.

Renter’s Insurance

There are many financial benefits to renting your home as opposed to owning it outright. It will ultimately save you money and relieves the stresses of maintenance and repair. However, keep in mind that while the homeowner may have their own insurance policy for the building, this does not extend to your personal property within your domain. A renter’s insurance program would reimburse your losses in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

These policies come in two categories:

  • Property Coverage: Would protect your property with the exclusion of the building you reside in.
  • General Liability: Which covers unintended physical damages to your rental.

Boat Insurance

Cruising around on your boat in open waters is exactly the kind of recreational activity that the spring and summer months are all about. To keep your treasured water sports vehicle protected it’s essential to find the right coverage.

With boat insurance you’ll receive:

  • Personal Liability: Coverage that protects you if your boat causes property damage or bodily harm to other persons.
  • Property Coverage: Reimburses you for damages to your boat, its motor, trailer, and any related water sports equipment.
  • Medical Coverage: Provides coverage for medical expenses to your occupants or another party involved as a result of a boating accident.

Business Insurance

Fitting the right insurance plan with your business model is a crucial decision to your success. Tatum Insurance understands the business landscape in Oklahoma City and is fully capable of navigating you through selecting the appropriate protection for your company’s needs. Whether you have a home-based business, a small business, or a large business, the type of insurance program befitting your company will often depend on its size.

Common insurance plans:

  • Business Owners Policy: Combines property and liability insurance.
  • Workers Compensation: Protects employees and their expenses resulting from an accident on the job.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: Compensates your lost revenue in case of ceasing of business operations.

More About Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City was founded on April 22, 1889. It holds the distinguished titles of both being the largest city in Oklahoma state, and also its capital city. Population reaches to over 1.3 million residents with a total area of approximately 620 square miles of land and water.

One would be remiss not to mention this city’s lavish oil production. December 4, 1928, marked the day The Oklahoma City field was discovered. On the Southeast corner of 59th and Bryant Ave. oil was struck, and for the preceding days, 110,496 barrels of oil were produced. Oil became a leading financial resource for Oklahoma City that day which extends to modern times.

With its proud history of cowboys, settlers, and oil rigs, it’s no surprise Oklahoma’s state motto Labor Omnia Vincit means Labor Conquers All Things. This motto is a perfect representation of Oklahoma City’s rich labor foundation which produced this sprawling metropolis.

Oklahoma City resides in the middle what has been dubbed Tornado Alley. This highly active weather region is prone to severe tornado storms that accompany hail and rain. All the more reason to shore up your insurance plans and add on any appropriate coverage options.\