Types of Organizations That Need Business Insurance

Business insurance is needed by a wide range of companies and industries for protection. When most people think of insurance for their business, they think of a commercial general liability policy or a business owner’s policy. But there is much more to consider. Business insurance covers people within your organization and the organization itself depending on the type of coverage you purchase. Below you will find some information on who business insurance can protect and in what companies.

A Director or Officer

Help protect your current, past, and future officers with professional liability protection. Think of this like an errors and omissions policy for your company officers as a group. This is an absolute must if you expect to attract and retain the best people in your industry.

Assisted & Independent Living Facilities

Assisted living communities are growing throughout the US. For that reason, we have a huge variety of services offered to the population that comes with specific protection requirements. Without the proper coverage, one claim against you could make or break your company.

Bar and Nightclub Insurance

This is one of the biggest and most competitive industries in the US. These establishments come with a special set of challenges and insurance needs. On top of the usual general liability and property coverage, you must consider the extra liability and responsibilities associated with regular liquor consumption (which is often excluded from standard commercial liability policies)

Builder: Architects, Engineers, and Construction

Constructing buildings has zero room for error. Whether you’re a huge company or small firm, your work must be precise and perfect, and you’re the first to be scrutinized in the event of a major issue. Make sure your professional liability insurance is up to par.

Contractor: General or Specific

As a contractor, you deal with a huge number of factors in your workday: individuals, businesses, difficult and skilled labor, other contractors, etc. This can make finding coverage especially difficult. We’ll help you find the right carrier for your needs to ensure your business is responsible and above board in all aspects.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Essentially all professional organizations require errors & omissions Insurance. Mistakes are called mistakes because they happen on accident! Make sure you’re covered for the inevitable slip-up.

Human Resources: Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Human resources can seem like the least important item on a long list of business responsibilities, but it is often the most important. HR claims often come from those who are intimately familiar with our company, and most employers get themselves into issues despite having the best intentions in mind. These lawsuits are rising and average just under six-figure payments.

New Startup Insurance Coverage

When you’re starting a new company, there are a million things you don’t know to take care of. We’ll help you figure out the baseline coverage that you need at the beginning and what to plan for in the future. We’re here to support your business as it grows indefinitely.

Pollution Liability Insurance

Pollution issues don’t happen on purpose, and companies often aren’t even aware of violations. They also aren’t mindful of the fact that this is another area commonly excluded from general liability policies. If you’re working with any chemicals, gasses, oils, etc. make sure you’ve done your research on what could happen in the event of a major mistake or accidental negligence.

Product Liability Insurance

Your product is central to your entire business. It runs your day to day considerations and dictates where you focus your resources. It’s a prudent to have product liability insurance to protect yourself from exposure to all the factors involved with that product.

Professional Organization Liability Policies

Professional organization liability can be a complicated area since responsibility may be less cut and dry when an issue happens. If a claim comes from alleged errors, negligence, or dishonesty, you’ll want some protection for the entire duration of the process as well as final settlement results.

Roofing Company

Roofers have a special set of challenges when it comes to finding insurance. Roofers are susceptible to risk even more so than the average contractor by nature of their job, and often won’t be insured by carriers. We insure many roofers and know how to partner with our carrier partners to ensure you find the coverage you need.

Technology Company

Just because your business is all done online doesn’t mean it’s exempt from protection requirements. Technology companies are consistently working with valuable personal information that needs to be protected. We’ve seen a lot of high-profile companies facing cybersecurity issues in the media lately, and we can make sure you’re cyber liability is covered if you ever face a similar type of situation.

Everything Else

Whether you’re looking at the foundation of coverage that every business should have or specified coverage Tatum covers companies in just about every industry you can think of. From white collar doctor, lawyers, and professional groups to blue-collar contracting and construction companies, to planes, trains, and automobiles, home businesses to multinational firms we have a solution for you with the right business insurer.