Need Auto Insurance In Dallas, Texas?

Tatum insurance is an independent agency with an office in Dallas, Texas. We are here to help you select the right auto insurance policies. We sell car insurance form multiple service providers with a variety of coverage options and prices. Tatum insurance works for you, not the carrier.

Our dedicated staff will explain complex insurance jargon in simple terms to help you make an informed choice. With our knowledge and connections in the insurance industry, we will find better value for your money and adequate coverage. Whether you have a claim or billing issue you need sorting, or you want to review your coverage options, Tatum insurance has got you covered.

As an independent agency, Tatum insurance sells car insurance policies from multiple insurance companies. Our advice is unbiased because we work with various carriers, not just one. We have acquired knowledge in car insurance through six decades in the insurance industry. Tatum insurance will help you find competitive prices with adequate coverage.

We will educate you about different types of auto insurance policies in an easy to understand language. You will be advised by our expert staff and assisted in choosing a suitable car insurance policy. Tatum insurance is your best choice for car insurance in Dallas, Texas.

The Different Types of Auto Insurance

In Texas, drivers are required to have coverage of at least $30,000 per injured person up to $60,000 per accident. In addition, drivers must have $25,000 or more in property damage coverage. These mandatory requirements are referred to as 30/60/25 coverage by insurers and advocates.

The different types of car insurance policies include:

  • Property Damage Liability
  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage

Property Damage Liability

When you or another driver (with your consent) crashes into another vehicle, this insurance pays for the damages.

Property damage liability also pays for damages to:

  • Fence
  • Buildings
  • Lamp Post
  • Telephone Poles
  • Other Structures

Collision Coverage

This type of Insurance pays for damages to your car when you are caught in an accident with another vehicle. This policy will compensate you no matter who is at fault.

It will also pay for damages resulting from:

  • Trees
  • Telephone Poles
  • Rollovers

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance compensates you for loss resulting from theft and damage caused by anything other than a collision with a car or object.

This policy protects you against events such as:

  • Fire
  • Missiles
  • Explosions
  • Falling Objects
  • Hail, Windstorms, Earthquakes etc.

It also pays to repair or replace your cracked or shattered windscreen.

Why You Need Auto Insurance

It is mandatory for drivers to have car insurance with the required minimum coverage in most states. Car insurance protects your finances if you have an accident. It also protects other drivers who may be injured in a collision, passengers, pedestrians, and property. Other reasons why you need car insurance include:

To Pay You For A Collision Caused By Another Driver

If you are involved in a car crush which is not your fault, you may be compensated for damages to your car and bodily injuries. If the driver who is at fault has financial resources to pay you or not, car insurance enables that person to pay.

To Pay For Damages When You Are At Fault

If you cause an accident, your car insurance policy pays for the other vehicle’s repair. It also pays for injuries sustained by the passengers and pedestrians.

Our Office In Dallas, Texas

Our office is located in Dallas, Texas. We are here to help drivers in the Dallas community by selling auto insurance policies to them. Tatum insurance will assist you to find the perfect auto policy at competitive pricing and adequate coverage.