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Tatum insurance is an independent agency with an office in Dallas, Texas. We sell insurance policies from multiple top rated service providers with a variety of coverage options and prices. Tatum insurance works for you, not the carrier. With our knowledge of life insurance and the connections we’ve made through the decades, we will find adequate coverage at an affordable premium.

Our dedicated experts will educate you about life insurance to help you make smart decisions. Whether you have a billing or claim concern, or you want to change your coverage, Tatum insurance has got you covered.

Tatum insurance is an independent agency selling life insurance policies from multiple carriers. We give you unbiased advice because we work with several service providers, not just one. With our experience and knowledge of life insurance, we will help you to find adequate coverage at competitive price points.

Our passionate team will explain complex insurance terms in a simple language you understand. Tatum insurance is your first choice when it comes to life insurance in Dallas, Texas.

The Different Types of Life Insurance

A life insurance contract states that your insurance company will provide you with coverage and you will pay a monthly premium. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a life insurance policy to suit your lifestyle. Some of this policies include:

  • Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

This type of life insurance is a permanent low priced policy. Guaranteed universal insurance has a flexible death benefit period of up to age 121. This life insurance coverage builds minimum cash value. The coverage ends once the policyholder reaches a specified age.

Term Life Insurance

This policy guarantees payment of death benefit during a specific term. After the term has expired, the policyholder can renew the contract, allow the policy to terminate, or convert to permanent coverage.

Whole Life Insurance

This type of life insurance protects the life of the insured and it has death benefits as well. Whole life insurance has a savings component where cash value accumulates. This policy is also known as permanent or traditional life insurance.

Why You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is affordable depending on the type of policy you need. You will have zero stress when you realize that the people you love will have money to maintain their lifestyle once you are gone. Here are more reasons why you need life insurance.

  • To Leave An Inheritance
  • To Pay Off Debts

To Leave An Inheritance

If you do not have assets to pass to your heirs, you can purchase a life insurance and name your loved ones as beneficiaries. You will have set your kids up for a great future without money problems.

To Pay Off Debts And Other Expenses

Your family may need finances to pay off debts such as the mortgage, credit cards, and loans. You do not want to leave your family with financial burden once you are gone. Other expenses may include funeral and burial cost.

Our Office In Dallas, Texas

Our office can be found in Dallas, Texas. We are here to sell life insurance policies to the Dallas community. Tatum insurance will guide you through several policies and find the perfect match for you at competitive pricing and adequate coverage.

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