Need Home Insurance in Scottsdale, Arizona?

Tatum insurance is an independent agency with an office in Scottsdale, Arizona. We sell insurance policies from multiple service providers with a variety of coverage options and price points. At Tatum insurance, we work for you, not the carrier. With our connections and knowledge of the insurance industry, we will find better value for your dollar with adequate coverage.

Our experts will explain the complexities of homeowners insurance in simple terms to help you make smart decisions. Whether you have a billing or claim concern, or you simply want to change your coverage, Tatum insurance is your advocate within the Scottsdale community.

Tatum insurance is an independent agency selling homeowners insurance policies from multiple carriers. Our advice is unbiased because we work with multiple carriers, not just one. With the knowledge we have acquired through six decades in the insurance industry, we will help you to find competitive pricing with adequate coverage.

Our team of professionals will explain complex insurance terms in a simple language you understand. We will guide and assist you in choosing a suitable home insurance policy for you and your family. Tatum insurance is your first choice when it comes to home insurance in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Different Types of Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is meant to protect your home against losses and damages. It also provides coverage to the assets in the house. This home insurance provides liability coverage against accidents in your home or on the property. There are different types of homeowners insurance policies including:

  • Dwelling Coverage
  • Personal Property Insurance
  • Liability Coverage

Dwelling Coverage

Homeowners dwelling protection protects the physical structure of your home such as the roof, walls, and floor. It can also help to protect other physical structures on your property such as the garage or a stand-alone shed.

Personal Property Insurance

Personal property protection helps to protect your personal belongings in the house. If your personal property is damaged or stolen from your home, this type of policy could help you to replace them with new ones.

Liability Coverage

This type of policy protects you against claims against you or sue you for damages after sustaining injuries in your house. Liability insurance may help pay for medical bills for a guest’s injuries in your home. If you are sued after an injury, this coverage may cover your legal expenses whether you are at fault for damages or not.

Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is not required by law, though it may be essential when you are applying for a mortgage. There are many reasons why you need homeowners insurance such as:

It Protects Your Home

The most basic homeowners insurance protects your property against several hazards including:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Severe Weather

Regardless of the severity of damage to your house, this policy can help pay for repairs and replacement. With homeowners insurance, you won’t have to pay out of pocket for your loss.

Your Mortgage Lender May Require It

While it is not mandatory, homeowners insurance is required by your mortgage lender. If you do not have this policy, your lender may purchase one in your name. A homeowners policy protects the interest of both the lender and the buyer.

Our Office In Scottsdale, Arizona

Our office can be found in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are here to sell homeowners insurance to the Scottsdale community. Tatum insurance will guide you through several policies and find the perfect choice for you at competitive pricing and adequate coverage.