No Drivers License Insurance

The decision to get car insurance means you are both cautious and prepared for the unknown.

Obtaining car insurance means you are law-abiding. This is because the law mandates all drivers to have car insurance. Otherwise, you risk penalties, including jail term or cancellation of your license.

You’ve probably wondered why car insurance! “Can you get car insurance without a driver’s license? What can force you to need no license car insurance? Who would give you the license? And so forth.” So many people wonder the same.

Well, getting car insurance without a driver’s license can be tricky, but it is possible.

Read on to find out more.

Why Do Car Insurance Companies Ask For A Driver’s License?

To buy car insurance, you need much more than just a car. In most cases, you’ll need to produce your license to drive.

The driver’s license is an official document that grants you the right to operate any car. Your license can be for a state, the country, or an international license.

woman showing her new driver license in a car

To get a driver’s license, you must have trained, passed both driving and written exams, and passed a vision exam. You also must have paid an administrative fee.

Insurance companies mostly require applicants to possess and produce a driver’s license. They will use the license to list you as a primary operator of the car insurance policy.

Furthermore, the driver license will help the insurer assess your driving history, and habits, to assess risk and to classify you.

Other ways the insurance company uses the driver license include:

  • Whether or not your license has been suspended or revoked in the past.
  • The age at which you were licensed.
  • How long you have been licensed.
  • Your license class.
  • If you’ve been convicted of moving violations or other serious infractions.

Insurance companies use these pieces of information, ‘your road resume’, to personalize your premium rates based on the risks you present.

Can You Purchase Car Insurance Without A Driver License?

It is, technically, not a legal requirement to have a license when purchasing car insurance.

Yet, most car insurance companies will require you to produce a license before you can purchase car insurance. In most cases, the carriers see risk in an unlicensed driver, regardless of your reason for being unlicensed.

However, there are exceptions to most rules. Some carriers offer policies to named insureds who don’t have a driver’s license.
So, yes, you can purchase car insurance without a license. But it will be difficult – and potentially expensive.

What Can Force You To Need No License Car Insurance?

There are several instances and situations where you may be forced to purchase no drivers license car insurance. Here are some:

  • License Is Suspended.
  • Have a Personal Driver.
  • You are underage.
  • Driving vintage or collectible cars.

License Is Suspended

A license suspension can deter you from getting your car insurance. However, you can apply for no driver’s license insurance. But you will have to give a proper explanation.

A form from the DMV suspending a driver's license.

Have a Personal Driver

You could be elderly, disabled, or having health problems that can keep you from driving. You will need to have a private driver to drive you around.

You Are An Underage Driver

Parents or guardians with young children that drive must be included in their car insurance policy.

You Are Driving A Vintage Or Collectible Car

If perhaps you have a collectible car worthy of display but you don’t drive it, you’ll need to insure it like you insure all other properties such as house or yacht.

You may not see the need for collision or personal injury coverages, but you will want to protect it from a partial or full loss like you would do to other valuables or collectibles.

How Do You Purchase No Drivers Licence Insurance?

Buying car insurance without insurance is difficult but not impossible.

How do you buy “No Drivers License Insurance?” is a question without a straight answer. The answer depends on the scenario you are in.

Typically, when you apply for car insurance, you need to include a valid driver’s license number.

Without a license, you cannot provide that number – and insurance companies deem an unlicensed driver risky hence challenging to insure.

However, in some cases, you can purchase no drivers license car insurance.
For example, when you:

  • List someone else as a principal/primary driver.
  • List yourself as an excluded driver on the policy.
  • Call around on SR-22 insurance.

List Someone Else As The Primary Driver

Technically, any licensed driver can be a primary driver. The driver may be living with you or not.

In an instance where you have a car, but you do not drive, you can obtain an insurance policy by using the license number and name of the primary or principal driver. In such a case, you will be listed on the policy, and your car will be insured, even though you will not technically be the driver.

List Yourself As An Excluded Driver

An excluded driver is the exact opposite of the primary driver. It means your car insurance does not apply when you are driving.

An insurance company may accept to underwrite your coverage even when you are a high-risk driver. They may want you to acknowledge that you will not be behind the wheels of that car.

Business woman talking to the phone on the back of the limousine

As a result, you will list yourself as an excluded driver in the policy.

This will underline that if you get behind the wheel of the car, you will be excluded from coverage.  You are not permitted to drive that car in any situation – not even in an emergency.

Call Around On SR-22 Insurance

Your license may have been suspended at a point when you need car insurance.

Several reasons can make your driver’s license be suspended, including a conviction of a DUI/DWI, having an at-fault accident without car insurance, or repeat traffic offenses.

With a suspended license, you can’t legally drive until it is reinstated. However, a suspended driver’s license does not mean you will not need car insurance.

You will need car insurance to prove that you are covered.

This is when you will need the SR-22 compliance form. This form, which your carrier will submit to the state, is the proof of your coverage.

It is a “certificate of liability insurance,” and confirms to your state that you have the state-minimum amounts of liability coverage.

The SR-22 is not a special policy, but a standard car insurance policy with an attached compliance form.

Man is filling in a compliance form.


If you need “No Drivers Licence Car Insurance” it may take some work and money.

Don’t stress a lot, because you can get car insurance without a license.

Just use the simple resources available to you and research around to find out what is on offer that can satisfy your particular needs.

There are options that you can take, and while these options may be a little more time consuming and expensive to find, you will appreciate being covered in case of an accident.